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Held in the New Windmill Hall in Upminster.  
Doors open 7.15 for 7.45 pm.

13th November 2018
Gardening in the Third Age – Gadgets and Gizmos: Anne Luder

Anne Luder visits us again and this time we take a look at why it is important to carry on gardening and how we can adapt our gardens in various ways to make them safer and more accessible. We will discover ways to prevent accidents and overexerting ourselves and explore various tools and gizmos on the market, whether they be purpose-made or just an old milk bottle adaptation, that can make our lives easier. Anne has worked as a garden designer for twenty years and recently retired as a lecturer at Capel Manor College. Come along tonight and see how to make life in your garden easier and safer.

11th December 2018  -  EGM
The Orchid Hunter: a summer in search of our tresses and twayblades:  Leif Bersweden

Come and hear about the adventures of a modern plant hunter who spent his gap year dashing around the country to find all 52 species of wild orchids native to Britain and Ireland. Leif, a PhD student at Kew Gardens, will tell us about his travels, some of the science behind the orchids and the riches of British plant hunting history. Saga Magazine’s book review commented “… It’s such an upbeat, charming, elegant and informed book that it will appeal to anyone who loves wildflowers, not just orchids”. You will have a chance to buy a signed copy this evening.

AGM and

What Do I Do with this Space? Garden Ideas from Around the World:  Darren Lerigo

Darren began his career as a speaker in 2014 and has appeared at garden shows with Joe Frost and David Domoney. He works with topiary and is particularly interested in plants that help the honeybee. His talk tonight takes in gardens and ideas from all over the world and asks if we can steal any for our own patch at home to solve problems such as slugs, lack of space or sunshine, etc. Darren also has an online shop (modernmint.co.uk) specialising in gardening and home products.

12th March 2019  -  AGM
Propagation: New Plants for Free: Tom Cole

Tom, from Writtle College, joins us again to show us how to make new plants in various ways. Many of us will be doing this already, but we can always learn something new! Tom’s talk will cover grafting and budding of roses, stem cuttings (shrubs and some perennials), leaf bud (camelllias) and leaf petiole cuttings (African violets), division and root cuttings (perennials and seed sowing. So, at the start of Spring, come along and see what you can do in the garden this year to increase your stock and provide plants for friends and neighbours.

9th April 2019
Climbers and Wall Shrubs:  Tim Carter

14th May 2019
Central Royal Parks:  Jim Buttress
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