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Held in the New Windmill Hall in Upminster on Tuesday evenings.
Doors open 7.15 for 7.45 pm.

12th March 2019  -  AGM and
Propagation: New Plants for Free: Tom Cole

Tom, from Writtle College, joins us again to show us how to make new plants in various ways. Many of us will be doing this already, but we can always learn something new! Tom’s talk will cover grafting and budding of roses, stem cuttings (shrubs and some perennials), leaf bud (camelllias) and leaf petiole cuttings (African violets), division and root cuttings (perennials and seed sowing. So, at the start of Spring, come along and see what you can do in the garden this year to increase your stock and provide plants for friends and neighbours.

9th April 2019
Climbers and Wall Shrubs:  Tim Carter

We welcome back Tim Carter from Long House Plants. For this talk, Tim will be telling us about climbers and shrubs that can be trained against a wall or fence. This will cover a wide variety of plants, suitable for different aspects in your garden and giving all-year-round interest. We hope that Tim will be bringing along some plants that you can buy on the night which will enable you to create the same effect in your own garden

14th May 2019
Central Royal Parks:  Jim Buttress
& Plant Sale

It has been several years since we welcomed Jim Buttress to the Society, during which time he has written a book ‘The People’s Gardener’ - which you may be able to purchase tonight. One of the chapters in the book describes Jim’s time managing some of the Royal Parks in central London. Tonight Jim will be relating the trials and tribulations of this role in his inimitable amusing way.

8th October 2019 - Charity Evening
Story of the Pemberton and Bentall Roses at Havering-atte-Bower

Laura Hill, St Francis Hospice, and Andrew Bentall, Jack’s Place Charity, will give a joint talk on the story of the Pemberton and Bentall hybrid musk roses which were bred at Havering-atte-Bower by the Rev. Joseph Pemberton and John and Ann Bentall. They will share photographs and discuss the rose breeding programme used to create these beautiful heritage roses. Read more at www.pembertonroses.org.uk Funds raised will be shared between St Francis Hospice and Jack’s Place Charity.

12th November 2019
Upminster Court and Gardens – Lois Amos

Lois has many years’ experience in the horticultural world including 30 years as a lecturer at Capel Manor College, Secretary of the Friends of Bedfords Park and more recently a London in Bloom judge for the RHS. She has a passion for walled gardens and is a member of the National Walled Kitchen Garden Network. On this occasion Lois will be telling us about the history of Upminster Court and bringing us up-to-date on this historic building and its gardens.

10th December 2019
Get that Exotic Look – Nina Lewis

Nina is a semi-retired teacher who has been fascinated by exotic plants since teaching in a primary school in Jamaica. Tonight Nina is going to share with us her passion for the exotics, many of which she cultivates and grows in her own garden. There are three main groups: jungle-type, desert-type and Mediterranean and Nina will consider their natural habitat and how we can imitate these in our own garden space. There will be many lovely photos, so come along and brighten up a winter’s evening with thoughts of warmer climes.

14th January 2020 AGM plus
What do I do with this Space? - Darren Lerigo

Darren is a topiary artist and gardener, with a keen interest in plants that help the honeybee. His topiary work has been seen on Channel 4, in Country Life magazine and the Guardian. His talk tonight looks at ways people garden around the world and asks if we can steal any ideas for our own patch at home. Darren also has an online shop for home and garden: www.modernmint.co.uk

10th March 2020
RHS Wisley: Horticulture and New Developments – Emma Allen

Emma, Garden Manager for Formal & Decorative Display at RHS Wisley, will be joining us tonight to take us through some of the recent developments at Wisley. There will be a general overview of the garden and lots of photos showing the changes over recent years including the Exotic Garden, the Wisteria Walk and the Canal Shore amongst others. We will be following this talk with a visit to Wisley in the summer of 2020 – watch this space!


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